July 23, 2019

Book train or coach , it is easy now.

If you book the entire train, then you have to follow these rules:

  • At least 18 and maximum 24 coaches
  • Three SLR coaches will also be required to get the same amount of security coaching as well as 18 coaches if necessary few coaches. 
  • Two sleeper coach mandatory 
  • Must be booked from one month to six months in advance 
  • Booking can be done two days ago 
  • The stop at the station will be a maximum of 10 minutes 

PAN, Aadhar card required

To book online, a person must have a PAN or Aadhar Card. If the person does not have a PAN or Aadhar Card, then there may be trouble in booking. You must first create an ID by logging in at https://www.ftr.irctc.co.in/ftr/ From Pan and Base you are verifiable through OTP. 

People will have to extra rent for this. A fixed security fund is required to be deposited in the account of the railway, which gets back later. Additional charges include GST and other taxes. If the program is cancelled, the payment is paid back after deducting the fixed tax. 

The coaches installed on the train including air-conditioned first class, second AC, third AC, AC Chairkers, executive chairmakers, sleeper, painter, parcel van etc. 

For booking a coach, Rs. 9 lakh will be charged for the full train of Rs. 50 thousand and 18 coaches. If the train is booked after one week, then every additional ten thousand rupees per coach to be given. 

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