MR Award for exemplary act of Bravery

April 20, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Shri Mayur Shelke pointsman, posted at

The heroic act of railway pointsman Mayur Shelke for saving life of a child at the Vangani station, the Ministry of Railways announced an award of Rs 50,000 for the railway official. The staff of Central Railway honoured Shelke's efforts and felicitated him.

Mayur Shelkhe saves life of a child who lost his balance while walking at platform 2 of Vangani railway station & fell on railway tracks, while a train was moving in his direction. (17.04.2021)

Shri Mayur Shelke displayed exceptional courage in saving a previous life by rescuing the child.

The woman (with the child) was visually impaired. She could do nothing. Mayur ran towards the child but also thought that he might be in danger too. Still, he thought he should save him. The woman was very emotional & thanked him a lot. 

Mayur Shelke